aroma.affymetrix で GWS6.0 アレイを処理したら、こうなるというメモ

aroma.affy の ML から。

For the record, to process the 96 Affy 6.0 chips, I exactly followed
the Total Copy Number Analysis (5.0 & 6.0) vignette. It was very
helpful and everything worked perfectly.

I followed the vignette exactly, for the non-paired CNR case (common
reference as robust average across samples).

On my Macbook Pro, the TCNA of the 96 Affy 6.0 chips was going to take
about a week to process the data (or so the output was telling me), so
I switched over to a newer Windows server and it only took a day or so
of aggregate time. The install and processing on the Windows server
was seamless.