Jobs available at EBI

European Genotype Archive (ega) の人材募集に気付いた。
多型のデータはそもそもサイズが大きく、ローカルでいじるのは腰が重くなることも多いだろうから、よく整備されたデータベース、また Ensembl と連携するツール群の開発はとても貢献度が高いんじゃないだろうか。

While the complete list of available jobs at the EBI can be found here:, I'd like to highlight two positions in particular:

1. Scientific Programmer: 1000 Genomes Project
The post holder will be responsible for developing database and analysis pipelines for the 1000 Genomes project. These tools are expected to be flexible across all of the genomes supported by Ensembl, many of which will benefit from re-sequencing projects in the near future.

2. Scientific Programmer: Human Variation
The post holder will join the European Genotype Archive development team as we expand our database and analysis infrastructure for CNV data in a way that facilitates the access, analysis, and display of the data.