SNP Signal Tool

The SNP Signal Tool generates cluster drawings of SNP Signals, one drawing per SNP over a set of experiments. Each drawing consists of a set of points in "Contrast" vs. "Size" space. The points are colored according to the BRLMM-p genotype calls. Experiments with different genotypes for the SNP should cluster from left to right in contrast space: BB (red), AB (green) and AA (blue). Visual confidence can be assigned to a SNP whose experiments are resolved in Contrast space (the X axis), and have few No Calls (grey points). The SNP Signal Tool is intended to be used in conjunction with the software that produces BRLMM-p genotypes- either the command line tool, called snp5-probeset-genotype, or the GUI tool, called BRLMM Analysis Tool 2.0 (BAT 2.0).

よく見かけるgenotype callのクラスターをコマンドラインから描くツール?